Tradeshift’s Analyst Day, Webinar Replay, Social Media and the Supply Chain

Jason attended Tradeshift’s analyst day in NYC earlier this week

Here’s all the coverage:


Did you catch our webinar yesterday?

When Procurement Met Finance: How to Achieve the Hollywood Ending was a smashing success (down to audience corrections about our When Harry Met Sally references!). Click the above link to watch the recording.

A bit of research

eProcurement Troubles: Finding Approved Suppliers That Don’t Seem to Exist (Part 1) - Do many of your SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Ariba or other eProcurement and P2P users have trouble finding approved suppliers that don’t seem to exist? You’re not alone. It’s strange, but not uncommon—or at least in far too many eProcurement implementations we’ve observed over the years. The challenge in this case is that approved suppliers don’t seem to exist. (This post is based on content contained in the Spend Matters Compass series paper: Avoiding “Dumb Ways to Die”: eProcurement and P2P Style Adoption Scenarios to Breathe Life into Implementations.)

Social media and the supply chain

Forget Public Relations, Invest in Supplier Management - There’s an antidote to all of the negativity going around surrounding supply chain practices (AHEM, the complete inability of British retailers and restaurant chains to keep horsemeat out of burgers). Still, antidotes are not panaceas. And even before treatment for the underlying malady of supply chain traceability indigestion, it’s worth considering what Spend Matters believes to be a set of powerful statements from Forbes Contributor Cecilia Rodriguez in a recent column.

For anyone interested in the US Government’s recent “sequester”

Sequester Meaning: Obama and Congress Can Learn From Procurement/Finance - The Washington Post recently ran an Op-Ed suggesting that sequester (i.e., forced budget cuts) may not be such a bad thing. The Post notes that while “Obama continues to complain the sequester does not represent a balanced approach to deficit reduction, and wants to replace some of the spending cuts with tax increases … the Simpson-Bowles Commission laid out what a ‘balanced’ approach should entail: $3 of spending cuts for every $1 dollar in tax increases. Well according to Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), by that standard Congress and the president have nearly met that mark.”

In case you were waiting with bated breath, we have not yet found a wedding venue.

Procuring the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue - First lesson has officially been learned: talk to references. When Thomas or Jason speak to a procurement software vendor, they’re sure to talk to at least three references to see how the solution stacks up in practice. Turns out the same goes for finding a wedding venue.

And finally going along with the wedding theme and appealing to Peter’s musical inclinations: what do you all think are the best wedding songs? First dance, best crowd pleaser, best bride dance with Dad, best groom dance with Mom - you name it! I have my own list, but I’m curious to hear your input! I (somewhat…) joked about walking down the aisle to this:

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