Transforming Procurement – the final Real World Sourcing session of 2013

The last in this year’s Real World Sourcing series, sponsored by BravoSolution, takes place on November 27th at the usual venue, the Jameson Room,  Bentley’s Restaurant,  London, from 11am till 2.00pm (plus optional networking).  I’m leading this one, and the topic is Transforming Procurement – Myth or Reality?  There are a few places still available, and you can register here for a nominal charge – just £49. (Less than the value ue of the excellent inclusive lunch...)

buttereflyWe wrote a few articles about the topic almost a year ago, and it’s something I’ve had many discussions about since then. Transformation is  probably the most over-used buzzword in procurement right now – it’s impossible to spend more than a few minutes at a conference without hearing someone talking about their amazing “transformation”.  Ask a few questions though and often there isn’t actually much substance behind the word...

When we did discuss it here, we got to these conclusions:

  • Procurement transformation means delivering significant results and benefits, (and measurable please), to the organisation.
  • To call it transformation, it needs to be a step change in performance and benefits, which we would suggest means both significant in scale AND achieved relatively quickly (otherwise it would be a slope, not a step…). It cannot be just the usual continuous improvement that we should all be aiming for constantly.
  • And it must … no, let’s rephrase that. It is very unlikely to be effective if it merely looks at the procurement function , as opposed to the wider organisation . It will generally address, and needs to address, how the whole organisation interacts with and takes advantage of its supply markets.

So we’ll be getting into those issues on November 27th and looking at the fundamentals – how do you know where you are before you transform? What do you want to transform to? And how on earth do you achieve it?

Now, I’d be lying if I said we can give all the answers to this huge topic in a couple of hours, but I’m sure we can provide you with worthwhile insight, ideas and stimulation. And given it will be nearly Christmas, and this is the last Real World Sourcing event of 2013, there will be a special Transformation Quiz, with valuable prizes!!

Hoping to see lots of you there in a couple of weeks...

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