Twenty Twelve enters the Final Straight

We’ve had two fairly heavy posts today, what with children in care and the travails of the Financial Services sector. So on a happier note, the excellent news is that the wonderful Twenty Twelve returns tonight on BBC2 at 10pm. We will have just three more final episodes in the run up to the Olympics as we see how the senior management team of the Olympics Deliverance Authority cope with the pressures of the imminent Games.

The first series (and a half) were probably the TV comedy highlights of the decade so far. Some of it was watching through your fingers, squirming in your seat funny / painful, as the ODA team bureaucratic management-speak and political manoeuvrings wrestled with the challenge of organising the biggest event ever in the UK. And some of it was just old-fashioned funny, with even a bit of physical comedy at times.  Uniformly great acting as well, and who can forget the countdown clock...

So if you haven’t watched it so far, get on board now. Will someone finally punch Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes), the most annoying character  on contemporary TV? Will Graham Hitchins (Karl Theobald), Head of Infrastructure, cause the biggest traffic gridlock in London history? What happened to Sally Owen (Olivia Colman), the wonderful PA who disappeared at the end of series one? Will she come back and sweep the beleaguered CEO, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) away from it all?

And most importantly, will that hero of our profession, Nick “I won’t allow it” Jowett, Head of Contracts,  save the day with an emergency contracting high-wire act to resolve some seemingly intractable, games threatening strategic supply problem? I hope so, and if Vincent Franklin (the actor who plays Jowett) is reading again, (evidence in the “comments” here), then thank you for giving procurement a role-model that every young professional can aspire to.

Well... in some ways at least!

Here’s a short preview with our hero making the incisive final comment as usual...


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  1. RJ:

    Just received a copy of “Get Ahead of the Games” travel information links. This tells me that London Bridge will be “exceptionally busy during the Games period” and that “London will be very busy”.

    Way To Go! Way To Go?

  2. Final Furlong:

    It is frightening to think that much of the ‘bollocks’ expressed by the programme and its actors actually reflects the realities of working in the ODA, LOCOG, and the Olympics (I hear). The Olympic stadium is little more a ‘value-engineered tin can’ when compared to solidly constructed stadia such as Wembley and (sadly) the Emirates. And the big tent that will be pulled down and folded away once they’ve finished playing basketball in it for a few hours. Medals all round.

  3. Chris C:

    Great show with laugh out loud moments (Boris Johnson and the Lincoln Continentals – brilliant timing) but does it really need so many producers?

  4. N Neibergall:

    Isn’t Nick the one who said, “I’m from Yorkshire…” before stating his doubts about/disapproval of something? Love the show, brilliant acting. I personally think the (outsourced) Head of Brand is brilliantly played – that’s why we hate her.

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