Twenty Twelve returns with our favourite procurement hero

Good news! Tomorrow night a new series of Twenty Twelve starts on BBC2 at 10pm. (See our previous coverage of the show here).

If you didn't catch the first series, it features the Olympic Deliverance Commission as they prepare for the London Olympics. It's a fly on the wall mockumentary (in the style of The Office), and it is funny, perceptive and actually quite moving at times, with uniformly brilliant acting.

But the reason for featuring it here is Vincent Franklin as the Contracts Director, Nick "I won't allow it" Jowett. He is clearly the most sane of the senior team, and his specialism is making sarcastic comments about the daft ideas coming out of the marketing and sustainability people. Even if he is inclined to call on his Yorkshire heritage a little too often for comfort, he's a true hero and credit to our profession- or at least he was in the last series...

I happened to meet Franklin in a bar last summer and told him that - he seemed like a really nice guy as well. How about getting him as a speaker for next year's CIPS dinner?

Anyway, don't miss it.

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  1. Vincent "Nick Jowett" Frankiln:

    They tell me I know the price of everything and the value of nothing. But, tell me I’m wrong, the price of something is the value of something, I don’t care who you are.
    Vincent Franklin is not a nice guy. He hasn’t been a ‘guy’ since 1993.

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