Twenty Twelve returns tonight – and a procurement legend is born…

The funniest new comedy on UK TV in the last couple of years was TwentyTwelve, first shown on BBC4 and now being rerun from tonight at 10pm on BBC2.

It's an "The Office" or "Thick of It" type mockumentary, covering the exploits of the senior team in the Olympic Deliverance Commission as they prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games. It combines laugh out loud farce, some brilliant business bulls**t, cringe behind the sofa moments, and some surprisingly tender moments later in the series.

It also introduces a new hero of the procurement world - Nick "I can't allow it" Jowett, the Contracts Director, brilliantly played by Vincent Franklin (who was also tremendous as the Tory spin-doctor in the Thick of It if you remember that.)  Here is Vincent / Nick speaking.

Jowett is the one voice of sanity in the senior ODC team - asking "what does that mean" and "how much will that cost" while the nonsense flows around him. While he does tend to the professional Yorkshireman at times, he's a great character and a credit to the procurement world.

And since this was first shown, Vincent Franklin has starred in Victoria Woods' new musical, "That Day We Sang" for the Manchester Festival - and got rave reviews. (We hope it transfers to London...)  From Contracts Director to an Olivier Award? Who knows...

Anyway, don't miss Twenty Twelve tonight at 10pm.

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  1. MarketDojo:

    Absolutely loved it, especially the PR lady (Siobhan Sharpe, played by Jessica Hynes) and Head of Deliverance’s (Ian Fletcher played by Hugh Bonneville) speech for the workings of the clock, genius!

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