Twenty Twelve is scarily prescient as athletes get lost on way to Olympics

Don’t forget the penultimate EVER (we assume) episode of Twenty Twelve tonight at 10pm on BBC2.

And in a genuinely scary example of life imitating art, Olympic athletes got lost on their way from Heathrow to the Olympic Village yesterday as the coach driver proved unfamiliar with the east side of London..

Here’s the last series of Twenty Twelve, as the Brazilian delegation suffer an identical fate. It gets very good around 10 minutes in and even better at 14 minutes....

If Twenty Twelve has the power of prediction, then what other delights have we in sort? The  Head of the ODA being shot in the foot by a starting pistol? The mosque facing the wrong way...?

Anyway, don’t miss the funniest thing on TV and our hero, Nick “I can’t allow it” Jowett, the erstwhile Contracts Director (played by Vincent Franklin...)

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  1. Rob Lees:

    Truth mirrors fiction.

    Talking to a CPO in the hotels business yesterday, she told me that an Olympic team had made contact with her last week to try and book accommodation.

    Yes, for this games…and I do hope the Brazil football squad (!) do find a few beds.

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