Twitter – my follower number 2000 gets a great prize*

We wrote earlier today about Spend Matters PRO and Plus, our subscription service which gives you access to large amounts of content  (technology, latest thinking about procurement strategy and process, solution providers etc ).

Now, apparently changing the subject, I use Twitter – not obsessively, so my followers don’t find out what I am eating for breakfast or which bus I’ve just taken from Waterloo station.  But I tweet about our latest articles here, I re-tweet other people’s interesting procurement related comments or links to other worthwhile material. And yes, there is the occasional music or sport related tweet too. But not many.

Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated almost 2,000 people who have chosen to follow me.  Very, very nearly 2000 in fact. Thanks to all of those people. So we’ve decided to offer a free one year subscription to Spend Matters Plus (value $240) to the person who signs up as my two thousandth follower.

One condition only – they must be a procurement practitioner, not on the provider side, and not a random teenager who sees my tweet on Catfish and the Bottlemen and thinks I’m a music writer!  If the 2000th is not in that category, the first practitioner after that wins.

Apart from our offer, why might you consider signing up to Twitter? It is free and only takes a few minutes, for a start. And it is useful from a business standpoint if you use it sensibly. Forgetting the fun and celebrity, political or other hobbies you can pursue, I find it particularly good for pointing me towards interesting articles, new reports, surveys and the like in our professional field. (My wife uses it similarly to follow latest scientific developments in her area of interest).

So as a quick way of keeping abreast with what is going on, it is helpful. It can be addictive however so a bit of discipline is needed, or it could eat large amounts of your life!  I’m currently at 1995 followers, and I pick up on average around 10 new people a week. So you need to move pretty quickly I suspect...

*subject to terms and conditions

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