More on Twitter and worthwhile procurement Tweeters..

Thanks for the comments on our piece last week on Twitter. You suggested some more Tweeters who are worth following – here they are.

I inexplicably missed Katherine Caughran, @psbdelegation, who I follow and enjoy, and who Tweets personally as well as linking to her daily on-line “newspaper”  where she picks up interesting stories from a range of websites (including this one).

Stephen Ashcroft (@Farrington1978) suggested her as well, and also says “@tcummins at IACCM is a consistently interesting read". (Tim Cummins is an all-round impressive guy actually).

Jenna said,  “@EdwardLJackson is another great one to check out. He publishes a weekly report on a variety of topics, including spend management tips.  Check out his most recent report here:”  (Jenna - I like the weekly report but I have to say he's not exactly an active Tweeter!)

As well as Mark Perera, who we recommended, Jonathan Webb recommended some of Mark’s colleagues - “the Procurement Leaders boys are certainly worth checking out (@thestephenhall and @david_rae). Agreed.

Finally, David Atkinson – who we recommended, (@DAtkinson4PC) chipped in with this.

“I do, however, have a warning for anyone who chooses to follow me, especially if they’re using Twitter to access procurement-related news, technology, and the like. I mainly use Twitter as a general news source (I’ve haven’t picked up a physical newspaper in months) and use it myself to share, argue, vent, have a laugh, and comment on all things related to politics, business, music, football, economics, even ‘days out’.

These days my main Twitter interest in procurement matters tends to be more towards the edge of the profession; e.g. ‘systems-thinking’ and it’s potential for positively impacting procurement, strategy mapping and implementation, the future role of procurement and, my primary source of business revenue, my work in SRM. All this serious stuff is mainly tweeted by my alter ego @FourPillars4PC. If anyone’s interest is very definitely and wholly business-focused, best follow me there.

Follow both of his feeds, would be my advice – both good value. I liked David’s final comment as well:

Finally, if you’re new to Twitter and are thinking it’s great for business; I have my doubts. But it IS a load of fun and it’s continually stimulating. Just don’t be tempted to auto-tweet, especially if you’ve a ‘product’ to sell.

And do keep the recommendations coming.

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