Twenty Twelve returns in top form

We previewed the new series of Twenty Twelve last week here.

It returned to BBC2 on Friday night, featuring our favourite procurement character, the Olympic Deliverance Commission Contracts Director, Nick Jowett (played by Vincent Franklin). And it didn't disappoint, as the Algerians threatened to pull out of the Olympics because the multi-faith worship centre faced in the wrong direction, then the French said they'd withdraw if the Algerians got special treatment.. you get the picture.

Meanwhile, the new Head of Legacy looks like she might be a competitor to Olivia Coleman for Hugh Bonneville's affections - the way Coleman can express so much with a flicker of the eyes is astonishing. But I do hope that relationships don't start distracting from the pure comedy of the show - like the video conferencing episode last week which was a classic.

Nick Jowett had some good one-liners without being too central to the episode -"call me old fashioned, but will anyone notice if the Algerians don't turn up...?"

And thanks to Vincent Franklin / Nick Jowett for commenting here on Spend Matters when we previewed the show last week. (That's a highlight of my blogging career to date!)  Here's Nick Jowett's words of wisdom in his comment to all procurement professionals -

They tell me I know the price of everything and the value of nothing. But, tell me I’m wrong, the price of something IS the value of something, I don’t care who you are.

Deep and insightful words indeed from Nick Jowett, a man to whom our profession looks up to in, quite frankly, some awe.

Mr Franklin also pointed out that, " Vincent Franklin is not a nice guy. He hasn’t been a ‘guy’ since 1993".

(I said I'd met him and he seemed a nice guy). Apologies, you seemed like a "good bloke" in that case.... or maybe a "cool dude".  OK, that's perhaps pushing it a bit..

Back to the show - the main source of humour this week came from the hapless and hopeless Head of Infrastructure, Graham Hitchens, who threw a wobbly when told he should speak directly to Boris Johnson - "what am I supposed to say to him, I don't know any Latin?"  He also led us into the "to be continued" next week as he accidentally insulted the Algerian VIP...

Anyway, all in all, the funniest thing on TV. If you missed it, you can catch up with the episode here.

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