UK General Election 2015 – We Have a CIPS Candidate!

As we look forward to 2015, one of the few predictions we can be certain of is that there will be a UK general election on May 7th. But what on earth will happen is anyone’s guess. The opinion polls are unclear to say the least, and no-one would be very surprised if we see a second election in 2015, as there may be no clear outcome from number one.

Will this have any implications for public sector procurement? Uncertainty means projects may be delayed, and contracts can go unsigned, so it can be frustrating for public servants. But we don’t know yet whether the different parties will have very different approaches to certain aspects of procurement. Might Labour look to emphasise “buying local” more strongly, perhaps?

One other interesting point is that we have a procurement candidate. (Well done to Supply Management magazine for getting the scoop on this story). Nigel Sussman, a CIPS Fellow and previously a member of CIPS Congress, is the parliamentary candidate for UKIP in the seat of Westminster North, currently held by Karen Buck for Labour with a 2,126 majority. It looks like a no-hope seat for UKIP, but you never can tell.

sussmanSussman is MD of High Court Collections now, a debt collection agency that aims to “deliver an Ethical, Effective and Advanced enforcement of High Court Writs”. But he has previously worked in procurement and commercial roles in organisations such as Lloyds TSB, NCR and Avaya.

I have mixed feelings here. It’s good to see procurement people getting involved in politics, and I can’t help thinking the government might be run better if we had lots of MPs and Ministers who understood a bit more about commercial matters. But no, I won’t be supporting UKIP personally, for quite a few reasons that we won’t go into here. I do hope that they don’t hold some sort of balance of power in the new Parliament, but then I feel just as strongly and negatively about the possibility of the SNP (the Scottish Nationalists) holding the balance.

It is easy to complain about MPs and the quality of the people who stand for elected office – but most of the people complaining would not dream of standing themselves! So whilst we won’t go as far as saying “good luck” to him, we will say well done to Sussman for having the bottle to put himself forward. And it will certainly give us something else to write about on the morning of May 8th when the election results are in!

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