UK Government throws back the curtains with transparency website

The UK Government has launched its new 'Transparency' website.

I'm impressed; easy to use, lots of information covering Departmental priorities and deliverables, organisation charts, with more to come, particularly "Government contracts in full" and "How your money is spent", which will both be interesting for the procurement community of course.    You can drill down and check on progress (at a fairly high level) of initiatives such as the centralised commodity procurement or publishing contract information.

You can also see that Nigel Smith is still on the Cabinet Office organisation chart... only 3 months since he left!  I can only think that is because there is still no clarity (or at least nothing public) around what is happening to OGC and their staff.

I've left a few comments (which the site invites) as well, so we'll  see how responsive and open it is to that as well.

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