UK public sector procurement news round-up – more analysis to come in 2013

As usual, there has been a lot of UK public sector news over the last couple of weeks - anything to do with people being targeted on “deliver report X by the end of 2012” in their performance reviews?

We haven’t had the time to keep up and fully report on it all, so here is just a taster for some of the material we may come back to in the first couple of weeks of 2013. That period is usually quieter for new stuff, so we’ll catch up then with some more detailed analysis.

So we‘ve had a couple of National Audit Office reviews which are worthy of further analysis – in particular their recent look at “Progress in making NHS efficiency savings”.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Office released their latest “mystery shopper” report, looking at the failings of public procurement as reported by the supply side.  There’s even a  YouTube video with Sally Collier!

Cabinet Office also announced the result of the review into the use of frameworks that Bill Crothers instigated a few months back.  Several IT frameworks have been canned permanently – “we’ve decided to cease the Application Development, Delivery and Support Service (ADDSS) and Hosting Services procurements from today and Service Integration & Management Services (SIAM) will not be progressed through the framework route” says Crothers.

We also saw the Public Accounts Committee lay into the Ministry of Justice over their language services contract – we’ve featured that before, but we’ll take a look at the recent PAC report in more detail. I do wonder whether any officials take a blind bit of notice of the PAC actually these days – has it become just a sort of rite of passage? Appear in front of the PAC hearing, get savaged, PAC report issued criticising your organisation, ignore it and just carry on as before.

So, there’s some holiday reading for you, if you want to catch up with all that now – or wait until January and we’ll give you our views on all this and more!

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