UN opportunity? A year from now we’ll be millionaires….

Here's a copy of an email I sent this week to Gareth Thomas, the UK's International Development Minister.  Quite timely as we've been talking here about contingency fees;

Dear Gareth

You wrote about the United Nations and the need for greater efficiency in the Independent of December 9th;

"Then there’s procurement. The UK’s central procurement agency, The Office for Government Commerce, realised savings of hundreds of millions of pounds within its first two years. The UN buys goods and services to a total value of approximately $9 billion each year. If, by smarter procurement, it could negotiate a mere one percent saving on everything it buys, it could save millions. This is an opportunity begging to be explored."

If this hasn't been really addressed, if UN procurement really has not been approached on a systematic and professional basis, then 1% appears hopelessly pessimistic.   Gareth, I'll get a team of top class procurement people together, and I reckon we'll take between 5 and 10% out of the UN spend within 2 years, all for a one-time fee of just 20% of the quantifiable annual savings.

I hope you feel this is an offer you can't refuse."

I will let you know what response we get....

Peter Smith

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