Unilever promote carbon emission management to their global supply chain

You don't get something for nothing very often, but Unilever have made freely available a pretty serious tool (developed in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen) that they are using to help their agricultural supply chain - farmers all over the world - track and reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact.

I must admit it looks impressive but pretty complex to me, but when I raised the issue with Unilever of whether it was applicable to suppliers in perhaps less developed areas, their response was that "Farmers in Kenya, Egypt and Guatemala who took part in the pilot programme fed back that the tool was very useful and does not discriminate against smaller/ less developed suppliers".

This will "soon become a mandatory part of our supplier development plan – where Unilever helps our suppliers work towards achieving our Sustainability goals and targets".

Being an old cynic, I also asked why they would make something like this - that obviously required a lot of investment and effort to develop - freely available to everyone, including competitors. Here's their great answer...

"By making the tool available in the public domain we hope to make it an industry standard by receiving endorsement from other businesses/ scientific/ academic organisations. Any tool of this nature will only be as good as it is credible, in order to continue to lead in this area we need to share our experience with other companies and developing open tools is part of this ongoing strategy."

Cynicism defused... well worth a look if you are involved in this sort of supply chain I suggest.

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