Upcoming Events, How to Buy Procurement Research, Intuit and Quickbooks

Upcoming Spend Matters US Events

If you happen to be in the Chicago area next week, Pierre Mitchell will be speaking at Procurement Leaders (and I imagine Jason will show his face as well).

Then, in early April, Jason will be headed to California to speak at the Coupa INSPIRE event. He’ll be presenting a ton of new ideas: (click here to read about them!)

Intuit and Tradeshift

Connecting SMBs: Intuit’s Procurement, E-Invoicing and Network Opportunity - Last week, two members of the Spend Matters team spent the day at Tradeshift’s analyst day in NYC (links to our coverage are at the end of this post). Eric Dunn, responsible for Intuit’s commerce network solutions, took the stage at a morning session to explain his company’s interest in working with and becoming a strategic investor in Tradeshift (while the terms of Intuit’s investment were not disclosed, the top-line multiple, estimated by some at in excess of 20X, sets a high bar for valuations in the sector).

Intuit and QuickBooks in 2020: 10 Potential Network-Based Services Offerings (Part 1) - We’ve been covering Intuit’s investment and partnership with supplier network/platform/e-invoicing provider Tradeshift in a series of columns (see titles/links at the end of this post). Relative to competitors in the SMB accounting and applications space (Sage/Peachtree, Microsoft, Xero, Zoho, Freshbooks), Intuit seems the most serious about finding emerging ways to enable transactional connectivity (invoice, PO, etc.) between its base and customers beyond simply emailing documents back and forth.

There are so many research/advisory options out there…

(Spend Matters PRO preview) How to Buy Procurement Research & Advisory Services - Procurement organizations, especially CPOs, are barraged daily by membership/subscription-based services that offer them research, advisory (i.e., non-project based consultation), peer networking, events, tools, benchmarks, etc.  The firms include firms such as Procurement Strategy Council (part of CEB), The Hackett GroupThe Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies(CAPS Research), the Executive Procurement Network from CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply), Sourcing Interests Group (SIG), Procurement Leaders Network, and specialist firms by function (e.g., IT firms like Gartner/Forrester), by topic (e.g., HfS Research in BPO or IACCM in contract management), by industry (e.g., The Advisory Board in Healthcare), by service (e.g., events only, peer networking only) – the list goes on.

This week in music:

I've been digging the smooth, slow, laid-back vocals of Rhye.

Wedding Planning

We've found a venue! More details next week...until then, have a wonderful weekend.

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