Update from Chicago

Chicago has been having unseasonably cool weather, good for us temperate climate people, and yesterday was back to school day - the time that has always felt to me like the real "New Year".

But it's hard to predict where the next year is taking us - the signs from this side of the Atlantic are perhaps less clear than in Europe, where its hard to see anything but a pretty difficult time ahead. There is some optimism in the US - Lisa Reisman of our sister site Metal Miner sees some signs of optimism in the data they analyse as part of their commodity forecasting activities.

On the other hand, we met a solution provider yesterday whose work means that they get some interesting forward looking data on economic activity, and they were much less positive. But there is a dynamism here and an entrepreneurial attitude that is sometimes lacking in the UK. This approach was evident yesterday when we had an excellent set lunch for $22 dollars (£14 or 17 euros) in a Michelin starred restaurant! It was, not surprisingly, packed.

Anyway, we're having a Spend Matters brainstorming session today, and then meeting one of Jason's US sponsors. And it looks like the weather is warming up...

We'l be back with another bulletin on Friday.

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