Update on Public Spend Forum Progress – Webinar Next Monday

Many readers, particularly those who work in the public sector, know that we also work with Public Spend Forum, an initiative which looks to improve public procurement around the world (nothing too ambitious there then!)

Raj Sharma, founder of Public Spend Forum, is in London briefly next Monday (November 27th), passing through on his way to Amsterdam for the Open Contracting 2017 event. To celebrate his presence in town we’re running a live webinar with him at 3pm on that afternoon. We considered a live event, but we thought asking for just an hour out of your day via the webinar seemed a more optimal use of everyone’s time.

Anyway, Raj will be giving us an update on progress in the US and globally in terms of PSF, and then we want to talk about what PSF can usefully do in the UK and Europe more generally to support public procurement professionals. Recent developments in the US include the Public Procurement Technology Summit last month in Washington, which apparently went very well, so I’m sure we will talk about that, as well as other interesting research work PSF has been undertaking.

I’ll be involved in that discussion too, and we hope delegates will also get involved and put some questions and comments to Raj and me, and indeed help us decide what we should be doing here.  The webinar is open to everybody, by the way, and it may be interesting to solution providers and other suppliers to the public sector as well as practitioners.

You can sign up to the webinar here – it is at 3pm on Monday November 27th. The full title is “Value of a Global Public Procurement Community – Progress and Next Steps on Public Spend Forum”.

We’re also pleased to announce the publication of a research paper, kindly sponsored by our friends at BravoSolution, and titled simply but accurately; Procurement Collaboration in the UK Public Sector.  The research work was carried out earlier this year, and involved an on-line survey with almost 100 respondents and then a series of structured interviews that we undertook with UK procurement leaders who had experience with collaboration in its various forms.

The report looks at how collaboration is perceived across the public sector, and provides some thoughts and recommendations in terms of how it might be improved in the future. There is much to celebrate, and some very positive success stories; equally, there are areas where it is clear that more could and should be done to support better and more productive procurement collaboration. For instance, more than half the survey respondents suggested there was significant room for improvement in terms of the results from their collaborative activities.

We’ll be featuring this more in coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can download the whole paper here, free of charge.

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