US Procurement News: Accenture, Procurian, Umami, Hunger Games, Industrial Policy, and Frances Ha

Metaphors are rollicking fun, more so when they're tongue-in-cheek. This past week on the US site, Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell covered the closing of the Accenture/Procurian deal, and threw in an extended comparison to The Hunger Games for good measure. And yes, Pierre is speaking from experience in regards to that Judas Priest concert reference.

Elsewhere in things that are like other things, Thomas Kase likened the “wow” factor in procurement solutions to umami—that hard-to-define element that elevates all other flavors in a dish. Here is a “chef’s checklist” for knowing whether the solution you’re considering has umami.

What’s your take on the U.S.’s industrial policy? Thomas is not so impressed:

The merits of Noah Baumbach's new film "Frances Ha" have been sparking ferocious debate in the office, creating a divide between colleagues who otherwise get along unnaturally well.

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