US procurement news: Tungsten acquires DocuSphere, Zara’s supply chain, and The Rentals

Despite a shortened holiday week here in the states, we still managed to do quite a bit of reporting. It seems that the entire industry has caught the "back to school" bug (and the leaves have just barely started to turn here in Chicago!) Bring on autumn, I say. Here's the news:

Tungsten acquired DocuSphere, a niche provider of accounts payable automation and integration technology. Here's our initial coverage.

Speaking of acquisitions, it looks like Concur is being courted (by SAP). Is a $6 Billion match in the works?

Zara's supply chain is usually praised for its flexibility and super quick processes. But, just in time for New York Fashion Week, we'd like to discuss another not so positive side of the story (downright despicable, actually).

Trade Financing Matters takes a look at how Nipendo can enable early payment discounting (and it's pretty cool).

Jason Busch argues that strategic sourcing and driving spending with small businesses don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Does increased DPO actually destroy enterprise value?

We think there's a storm of "new" finance brewing on the horizon. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the accelerating decline of banks.

Music news you can use: please, please, please listen to The Rentals' new release, Lost in Alphaville. If, like me, your very favorite song in 1995 was Friends of P, you will not be disappointed. Nearly twenty years later, this album gives a nostalgic nod to the moog past and offers some really great new stuff as well.

And we're off until next week! Happy weekend to all.

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