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Source for Consulting is an excellent resource for buyers and providers of Management Consulting services - take a look here if you're interested in that spend category. Fiona Czerniawska, who co-authored with me our brilliant book on buying professional services, also writes an occasional and very good blog on the site - I liked this recent one which compares consulting firms to car manufacturers! Here's Fiona;

I’d have KPMG down as Volkswagen: friendly, approachable, surprisingly spacious, quite a lot of formats to choose from. PwC and Deloitte have to be Renault and Citroen (room for all the kids, all their friends, the dog and the dog’s surfboard, but plenty of back-seat driving as a result). E&Y is perhaps a Mini Cooper (stylish and zippy, but may cut you up at the lights?)

That provoked a few thoughts that would probably get me sued for libel if we went into print  (for instance, which firm most resembles a 1975 clapped out Austin Allegro...)

Anyway, Source for Consulting produces a "Quarterly Buying Trends in Management Consulting" report which is a very useful tool for anyone in the sector (buyer or seller). The survey that feeds into the report is now live - firms (buy side only, not consultants) who complete the survey  receive a free copy of the report in return. So follow this link to see and complete the survey, and get yourself the results free - deadline for contribution is Friday 24th June and the final report will be distributed late July.

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