Veterans storm the procurement profession – or do they?

I'm not having a go at Procurement Leaders - they are a very strong organisation, their website and blog is one of the few procurement sites I regularly visit (I've linked to it here) , and not wishing to embarrass him, but Mark Perera is one of the most impressive people I've met in the procurement community.

But...there's an interesting example of getting hold of the wrong end of the stick on their website.

'Unexpected entrepreneurs move into procurement jobs" the headline announces.  That's interesting, I thought. It goes on;

"Brian Tippens,  HP's director of Supplier Diversity, pointed out that increasingly individuals from "unexpected" areas are moving into procurement roles.  "We are finding new unexpected entrepreneurs entering the procurement arena," he said.  "They include a large number of female and minority veterans back from the Iraq war unable to find employment and recent graduates in the same boat. Business Matchmaking is providing a uniquely effective and efficient means for reaching out to help them get started and to grow."

But hang on; why would 'Business Matchmaking' need to help procurement staff ''get started and grow' ?  And if they are 'unable to find employment' how are they getting procurement jobs?  It didn't seem to make sense.  So I went back to the source material here.

On careful reading, it is clear that these 'entrepreneurs' are entering the procurement arena as suppliers not as procurement staff.  And Business Matchmaking is giving them advice and introducing them to corporate purchasers who may wish to support new firms, particularly those started by veterans and folk from minority groups.  Which makes much more sense; and just shows that you shouldn't always believe everything you read on websites.

Except this one of course.

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  1. admin:

    No problem David – just quite amusing! And I thoroughly recommend procurement Leaders (website, blog, whole concept).

  2. David Rae:

    Peter, it’s a fair cop…

    This is a little bit embarrassing as we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our reporting – whether on the website, blog or in Procurement Leaders magazine.

    Every now and again, however, one slips through the net – and this is a great example of that. Thanks for pointing it out, we’re in the process of changing the story.

    I hope this doesn’t change your views of Procurement Leaders in any way!

    All the best,

    editor, Procurement Leaders

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