Wallmedien – adding procurement capability to ERP

Wallmedien are a German software firm who are beginning to make waves in other countries, including the USA, leading to a recent and detailed analysis of the firm and their products on our sister site, Spend Matters US. The firm supports 29 languages – a  pretty good gauge of a genuinely international view. Here’s Jason Busch introducing the firm.

Every so often in our jobs as researchers and analysts, we encounter a technology provider that is truly difficult to categorize. Wallmedien is one such solutions vendor. Wallmedien, which has only recently started to ramp up its sales and marketing efforts in North America, was founded over fifteen years ago in Germany. Since that time, has carved out a solid (and expanding niche) enabling eProcurement and P2P implementations with its own productized solutions as well as what we can best describe as “apps” that sit on top of third-party tools including SAP SRM.

Wallmedien started out in life by looking to enable better results for SAP customers, not surprising given their country of origin, but have broadened out to cover Oracle, PeopleSoft and Ariba procurement applications as well. One particular skill , according to Jason, is their ability to succeed when clients are “handing over a P2P system tangle to untangle many layers of knots”.

Their capabilities include catalogue-based search and shopping cart solution (Catbuy), a catalogue/content management toolset (Catscout) and a web-store connections service based  called Punchout Hub. Wallmedien also has products that tackle basic RFX supplier on-boarding/connectivity, contract compliance and relatively complex services procurement. They can also “ship you an eProcurement system (shhh!) called easyProcure”.

They’re also a firm with a very strong background in engineering and subject matter – Jason obviously enjoyed talking to their leadership team and describes them as “mad P2P scientists” rather than sales and marketing folk! And whilst 50% of their customers are SAP users, they have developed what might be an interesting approach for Ariba users–

Wallmedien has developed a highly specific Ariba-centric model that effectively cuts out the Ariba supplier network while also providing non-contingent services-based buying support (for those not using Ariba’s custom category drivers).

Anyway, as always, it is a detailed and enlightening review of Wallmedien from Jason, in four parts, (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) with further in-depth analysis available on Spend Matters PRO.  Essential reading for all you "mad P2P scientists" out there and indeed anyone looking to get more or better procurement functionality out of ERP type technology.

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