Walmart look to improve sourcing

Surprising and interesting to see that WalMart are expecting to make huge savings through better management of their supply chains, in particular through globalising some sourcing and more direct purchasing of fresh produce rather than via intermediaries.   I believe that UK supermarkets  have been doing this for ages (I did know the head of fresh produce at a major supermarket quite well a few years back and I know he was certainly working in that way).  And when I ran a potato packing business for a very short time (in 1990 to be precise)  we dealt directly with M&S, Tesco etc.  They were lovely people to deal with, warm, caring, sympathetic , always ready to negotiate a fair price that gave us and the farmers a reasonable return....*

Back to WalMart though; just goes to show; however big and successful you are, there is always something you can do better.  Even if you're the biggest and most successful retailer in the world....

Peter Smith

* sarcasm alert....!!

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