Watch Twenty Twelve on BBC 4 tonight and see procurement at its best

Just found out - all six episodes of the brilliant comedy Twenty Twelve are being shown back to back on BBC4 at 20 past midnight tonight; set you digital recording devices.

It's the funniest thing on the TV for years in my opinion, a fly-on-the-wall mockumentary about the UK's 'Olympic Deliverance Authority' and the trials and tribulations of their senior management team as they prepare for next year's London Olympics.

As well as being just really funny, it also has a character who should become an icon to the procurement community. Nick "I can't allow it" Jowett, played by Vincent Franklin, is Contracts Director, and apart from a slightly annoying habit of announcing "I'm from Yorkshire' at every possible opportunity, is the voice of sanity, common sense and dry humour in an office full of eccentric and in some cases idiotic colleagues. He's a great ambassador for the profession!

Do watch / record it - you won't regret it.

Here's an interview with the actor...

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