Wax Digital Video Features Jason Busch on The Future of Procurement

Wax Digital are featuring a specially recorded presentation (it’s not available anywhere else, we should say) from our very own Jason Busch, Spend Matters founder. He’s talking about the Future of Procurement and brings to the presentation his own inimitable style, deep knowledge of the technology market, and spookily accurate ability to predict trends in procurement and beyond.

Well, we can’t guarantee that spookily accurate thing, but it’s well worth your time as Jason talks about quite a range of issues. He starts with some wider perspectives, economic and beyond, although we should say that he recorded the webinar before President Trump took over!

He then gets into matters closer to home, talking about the three elements of the supply chain. We tend to focus on the physical supply chain – the goods (and services) we directly buy.  But he then talks about the information supply chain  - for example, how do we really know what it is we are buying? The third dimension then is the financial supply chain, which is something procurement people often don‘t consider. The market is developing and going well beyond the basic invoice discounting or factoring that some of us might have come across.

The central part of his presentation is around what he calls “mega-trends”. They are: digital disruption; big data and analytics; social; financing trade and the supply chain; radical new technology. He goes into each in more detail; we’ll come back with another article and look at some of his remarks.

But as you would expect with Jason, he will stretch your mind a bit here, we guarantee, as he covers everything from 3D printing and robotics to social collaboration and blockchain. As he says, “the world of procurement technology is going to change at 10X the rate in the coming decade that in the past ten years”.

You can decide if that is a scary prediction or a wonderful thought!

Most readers will know that Wax Digital is a UK-based leader in procurement and spend management technology, and they also put a lot of effort into contributing to wider thought leadership in the procurement world. Jason’s session is part of their current focus on technology, and you can also download their  Tech 2020 reports (part 1 and 2) here and see how procurement technology may evolve come the turn of the next decade.

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