Webinar – Building Category Management Success

Whether you and your organisation are new to category management or experienced practitioners, whether you are the ‘leaders’ in the art of CatMan, ‘followers’ or right at the beginning of the path, we guarantee there will be ideas and recommendations in this webinar for everyone.

Category management, or deep category expertise, has developed over the past 20 years or more into becoming the dominant procurement process and methodology for major businesses and public sector bodies alike. The core principle is that procurement activity is based on a focused and proactive approach to each major spend area, product or service, with a clear linkage to wider organisational strategy and with the aim of maximising value from the spend.

Recent research carried out by Future Purchasing in this area goes deeper and wider than ever before (it can be requested here). It identifies, breaks down and analyses the priority practices that make the biggest difference to category management success, the extent to which they are used and the additional value secured through their use. Findings confirm that all respondents believe that optimising category management can deliver substantial additional value for their organisation – boosting current value delivery levels by between 83% and 400%, depending on the level of maturity. The intention of the report is to give a practical guide and help the procurement profession to embed best practice category management and realise opportunity.

So in this webinar, Collaborating for Category Management Success, Mark Webb, Director of Future Purchasing,  Professor Marc Day from Henley Business School who was responsible for the statistical analysis, and our own Peter Smith, will talk about the latest findings, including:

  • Which key drivers for category management success have been identified and how you can focus on the areas that make the most difference
  • How to build the business case for category management
  • Why and how involving internal stakeholders in the right way is essential to success

As you will hear throughout the webinar, the results this year go further than ever before in helping organisations and practitioners understand how to maximise the benefits from the category management, a process that is also of great importance to procurement’s wider professional success and credibility.

The webinar will run for just 45 minutes, so it’s a short amount of time very well invested, and there will be an opportunity for question too. So please do join us (free of charge of course) on March 14th at 4pm UK time (11am EST, 5pm CET). Register here.

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