Webinar and Paper on Spend Analytics – Getting Value, Today and Tomorrow

Next Tuesday at noon UK time we have our webinar with Paddy Lawton of Coupa Spend. Paddy was the founder and Chief Executive of UK-based Spend360, which Coupa bought recently, and is an expert on spend analytics, and the application of machine learning and AI to that field. He is also an entertaining and engaging speaker.

The title of the (live) webinar is “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Spend Data* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)”  and we’re delighted to say that a briefing paper with exactly the same title is now available here to download.

We’ve put that together with input from Lawton, but it’s not in any sense a sales pitch, other than it does suggest that spend analytics is something procurement professionals and leaders should understand well. In the paper, we look at six areas where spend analytics can already help procurement (and our organisations more widely), and comment on how current and future developments in technology (such as AI) are likely to improve further the benefits analytics can offer.

The days of spend cubes and analytics being seen as purely tools to identify aggregation opportunities are long gone, yet many organisations still don’t make the most of their spend data. So whether you are behind the curve, on the curve or even flying 30,000 feet above the curve, I’m confident there will be something useful in the paper and the webinar for you.

During the live session, I’ll be asking Lawton questions that I suspect will get deeper into some of those future points than we have gone in the paper, which is our way of saying we very much hope you will both download the paper here (free of course) and sign up for the webinar as well (free of course again!) The webinar will also provide plenty of opportunity for you to ask us both questions and get involved in the discussion.

See you next week ...

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