Webinar Recording on SRM Available Now, and Register for Strategic Cost Management

“Supplier relationship management will become a genuine core competence in organisations, not just for the procurement function.”

That’s a fundamental thought from David Atkinson, who last week led the latest webinar in the BravoSolution Real World Procurement series. His title was; “Supplier Relationship and Value Management: does your organisation have what it takes?”

We agree with that opening statement about supplier relationship management statement(SRM) by the way. As organisations increasingly realise just how much their most important suppliers contribute to their own success, then getting the most out of those suppliers will indeed be core for pretty much every senior executive.

David asked questions as he went through the webinar to enable listeners to “rate” their own organisations in terms of SRM competence and maturity.  He outlined a wide range of competences which are necessary to develop SRM excellence - some are fairly obvious, but others may be less so. He also went through five “enablers” that support SRM success.

As we have said before, David is a true expert in this field, and the webinar contained a huge amount of good thinking, advice and guidance. If you missed it live, don’t worry, you can still access it here, free on registration.

And we are only two weeks away now from the next webinar in the BravoSolution series. This time it is Professor Robert  Handfield with “Strategic Cost Management”. This sounds like another stimulating topic, as Handfield looks at the wider picture of cost management, above and beyond pure price reduction. So that will look at a whole range of other ideas, activities and processes: such as working capital improvements and “total cost of ownership” thinking.

He will talk about how to build and use “should-cost” models, which can be very useful in many spend categories, particularly when you don’t have direct market comparators. He’s also focusing on “seeking improvements in cost that do not impact supplier’s profits, but reduce the price of materials and services to buyers”.

Sounds good – you can register here now and as usual, the webinar is repeated twice at 12 noon UK time and again at 7pm UK time (aimed at the US audience).

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