Webinar With Titleist & riskmethods – How Is Your Risk Strategy?

We introduced our new friends and sponsors from riskmethods here, and it was a pleasure to meet some of the team yesterday at the ProcureCon Berlin event. Riskmethods “provides comprehensive supply chain risk management software to identify risks along global supply chains, assess risk impact and implement appropriate action plans. Potential risks are detected at an early stage, which assures delivery, maintains compliance and protects the corporate image”.

And on December 1st (yes, I know, it will be Christmas soon), we are participating in a webinar with the firm. The very witty title is “ Keep your enterprise out of the rough: How Titleist built transparency and increased resilience into their supply chain”.

So Titleist (or the pun in the title) meant nothing to Nancy, our editor, and I had to explain that the firm are the largest manufacturers of golf balls in the world, as well as producing many items of golf clothing and equipment. The parent company, Acushnet, also owns Footjoy and has just gone through an IPO, valued at $1.7 Billion.

In the webinar, we will be looking at the different aspects of supply chain risk that face large, global manufacturing (and other) firms these days. Golf balls is an interesting item in terms of manufacturing actually; you might think it is the epitome of simple mass production, and yet the tolerances are very tight we would imagine, and tiny aspects such as the shape of the dimples can make a real difference. In terms of supply, the firm is sourcing materials and finished product from many different parts of the world, so it will be good to hear from Jay Traficante, Senior Director of Supply Chain and Procurement at Acushnet during our webinar.

He will talk about:

- Evolving towards a comprehensive supply chain risk program
- Building contingency, dual-sourcing, supply chain mapping and other techniques into the modern environment
- Creating transparency on criticality and dependencies in the supply chain
- Driving faster, more insightful responses to gain competitive advantage

I’ll also be talking briefly about current issues more generally in supply chain risk, from growing political risk in some parts of the world to natural events to reputational risk. Then after Jay has spoken, we will have a Q&A interview session during which I’ll put some question to him and take more from the delegates. All packed into 45 minutes or so …

You can register here   (free of charge of course) for what should be an enjoyable and useful session.


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