See you this week? NHS, Spend Analytics and the MCA dinner on the menu

So this week I’m out and about more than I have been recently.

Tomorrow I’m running  a “masterclass” with Scott Bradley of Pentax at “A New Strategy for NHS Procurement” conference in Manchester. We’re doing a bit of a double act, looking at the key issues facing procurement in the Health Service, and also giving the delegates a chance to hear the perspective of a major equipment supplier to the sector. (Pentax make clever endoscopic imaging devices as well as the excellent cameras you may be more familiar with).

Then on Wednesday it is the second in the BravoSolution “Real World Sourcing Series”.  After delivering the first instalment, I have the pleasure this time of listening to Guy Allen – ex Fujitsu and Abbey National CPO and now Managing Partner at 4C Associates. Guy is talking about Spend Analysis, and I’m sure he will have some interesting experiences to discuss as well as the theory around getting the most out of your spend data.

And on Thursday evening, it is the Management Consultancies Association Awards at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel. I was honoured to be a judge for several of the award categories – unlike the SM procurement awards we actually had interviews with the short listed firms, which was fascinating. I’m not criticising the SM Awards for relying on written submissions, as it’s a major effort to get both judges and candidate firms together, but there’s no doubt the face to face sessions were useful in getting into the detail of some very impressive examples of consulting work. I’m hoping to report on some of the best projects that included a major procurement angle after the event.

So if you’re attending any of the above, looking forward to seeing you perhaps, and do come and say “hi”. And we’re always genuinely happy to hear any ideas for making Spend Matters better, more useful, entertaining and interesting!

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  1. Cat:

    Is Fleet, Travel, Office Solution, Professional Service etc all part of this procurement strategy? If so way does the NHS not just purchase from the Government Procurement Service frameworks and go to market with central government volume eAuctions? Savings have been massive especially when MOD volume is present!

    1. Sam Unkim:

      We do use these frameworks where applicable (Energy, Agency Staff & I.T. Consultants) etc but the NHS spend is quite small.

      The main focus is on medical items.

  2. Sam Unkim:

    I wonder
    Is the delay caused by something as groundbreaking, as mandating the use of National Framework contracts, without compensating the larger Fondations & Acutes who may have to abandon commitment based advantageous local contracts

  3. Sam Unkim:

    I must be confused.

    Did The Department of Health publish
    “A new strategy for NHS procurement” on 31st March 2012 or not ?

    1. Final Furlong:

      No they didn’t. Anticipated for end of April (or May…).

      1. Rob:

        You were right – delayed until May (and only after ‘consultation’). I sense that it has become an extremely important topic – and that can only be a good thing.

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