End of the Week Procurement Wrap-Up and Dog is Dead

Torfaen Turmoil!

We featured the Torfaen laptops case earlier this week – on Wednesday, there were further developments. The Free Press reports that: “Two 50-year-old men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud as part of an investigation by police into alleged financial irregularities at Torfaen council’s flagship data centre in Blaenavon”.

They’ve been released on bail “pending further enquiries”.  May all be nothing to do with the laptops of course...

 From landmark to eyesore..

There will be a moment of UK public sector procurement history this weekend, when Government Procurement Services (the organisation formally known as Buying Solutions), re-locate out of the their offices in the famous Liver Building in Liverpool.  The principal collaborative buying organisation in the UK public sector has been there in its various guises since the early 1980s when it was formed as the  Liverpool Buying Office of the Property Services Agency (see here for more history).

The Capital, Liverpool - Brutalism at its best

They’re moving into another public sector office in Liverpool – the Capital – which is apparently a fine example of the brutalist architectural style. Lovely...But good for them, this move saves the taxpayer significant amounts of money, we hear.

 Ariba Results announced..

Hot off the press, Ariba’s annual results have just been announced. What does it all mean?  Come back next week and we’ll see if we can make some sense of it all.. stock-based compensation.. amortization of acquired intangible assets...  Non-GAAP EPS for fourth quarter of $0.24 from continuing operations... AAAGGGGHHHHH.....

 Olympus – Chairman takes the hits

We featured the goings-on at Olympus and the huge advisory fees they paid, and the Chairman has now resigned. But he’s been replaced by another long-serving Board member, who one assumes must have been complicit if anything dodgy was going on. Not the end of it by any means..

 And finally...

We seem to have run out of our musical archaeology series for the moment at least. So to keep you going until tomorrow’s review of the new Florence and the Machine album (don’t miss that..) here are the rather excellent Dog is Dead (Mumfords meet the Maccabees?) and their new single Hands Down.

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