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I went to a gig in September 2006 with my old mate Paul Neill, ex CPO of Department of Education, one of only two friends of mine who own more music than me, and a GOOD MAN. Gig at the Luminaire, great little venue in Kilburn. Tilly and the Wall headlined, no drummer, tapdancer instead, plus two more girls and two guys, great stuff. My favourite band from 2006-8. Indeed, one of the all time unrecognized great bands. (There's a beautiful moment at 3.32 in this video).


Main support was an indie band I've forgotten. First on (which meant that most of the rude idiots present talked over her except us because we were polite gentlemen of a certain age) was a young, sweet, but not exactly glamorous young lady.  Just her and her guitar. Great voice, we agreed, but... not the looks to make it in the modern music business unfortunately.  And a strange, retro, jazz / soul / blues style...

Scroll down 4.5 years and Adele has sold 97 trillion records and is the biggest thing since the Beatles.. and no, I woudn't have signed her... but deserved success based on real talent, not hype.

I had an email from Peter Smith the other day, purely because he found me as a namesake, which is disconcerting. He's been shortlisted for the short film competition and actually, I really like his film. Exceedingly creative use of paperclips and strangely moving too.  So do vote for him ('Social Security' is his film). Or watch all of the entries and vote for whichever you like...

And another randon contact, my singer songwriter digital friend Tristan Clopet has an album out soon and here's a track from it.. and it is really good. Here he is..



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  1. Paul Neill:

    Hi Peter,

    I remember it well, though my recollection of events goes like this: “We thought she was terrific and had no doubts she was going to be a mega star and sell trillions of records one day. Indeed, in a modest kind of way, we feel that our presence at the gig, and the positive vibes we sent Adele, almost certainly made the difference between success and failure in her career.”

    In fact, whenever I’m dining out on this story, I have no qualms in presenting myself as Adele’s honorary agent.

    I like your namesakes’s film too – it gets my vote – and am struck by the karmic connection around social security – how many degrees of separation would get you both to that point I wonder?

    Best wishes,


  2. Peter Smith:

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for supporting my film. I will let you know how I get on.
    Best regards,

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