What a crazy week it’s been…procurement is top election issue

I've been writing my fortnightly post for the Supply Management blog this morning.  It should be up on Monday; but just to give you a taste, this is the first paragraph.

"Here we are, going into a critical election, with millions of people ‘economically inactive’, British soldiers being killed in two wars that many citizens don’t support, a drugs strategy that has totally failed for 30 years,  our future prosperity threatened by the rise of the BRIC countries, and a future pension and social care burden created by my generation  that my daughter’s generation just won’t pay for.

So what is the biggest election issue? Yes, that’s right.  Whether we can save £6 Billion this year by re-negotiating public sector procurement contracts.  And why Peter Gershon has abandoned his Labour friends for the Tories."

It does seem extraordinary that the first week of the election campaign has been dominated by efficiency and procurement arguments!  And, as Guido has pointed out here, all around what is actually a fraction of the total deficit that is going to need addressing by whoever wins.

Strange Days indeed....

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