What a strange election ….

I had a meeting with a (very) senior civil servant this afternoon.  I couldn't resist asking him,

"Who is your boss at this precise moment"?

"Sir Xxxxx Xxxxx" he said, naming his immediate civil service boss.

"And his boss"?

"Still the Minister - the same Minister as yesterday".

That's what seems amazing - technically, the same folk are in charge despite the election results.

The other thing that strokes me as perhaps unique in modern elections is that *NONE of the main parties are happy; whingeing about Cameron has started on Tory blogs, the Liberals are distraught, Labour have been rejected.  Even UKIP, Plaid Cymru and the SNP have nothing much to shout about.

What a strange result.

* Jane points out that the Greens are probably pretty chuffed....

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