What Facebook’s CIO can Teach CPOs

This week on Chief Procurement Officer (the newest addition to our growing website family), Pierre Mitchell kicked off a series based on an interview that Facebook's CIO Timothy Campos gave with The Wall Street Journal. Much of it focused on how CPOs should "lead the charge" to find the best procurement solutions for the organization.

Jason Busch attended SciQuest's Next Level conference at the end of last week, and here are his initial thoughts.

If you are looking to analyze your spend under management by sub-category and MSP/non-SMP involvement, then we have got the download for you.

What can procurement learn from the Global Soap Project (an organization that sends recycled hotel soap to African nations lacking a supply of proper sanitation products)?

Uber for business is adding new features, and procurement orgs are lapping them up.

What we talk about when we talk about revealing "secrets" to procurement technology providers.

Here's how unsecured payables facilities help with bulk purchase discounts!

I'm still working through a thorough listen of Kendrick Lamar's new album, To Pimp a Butterfly, but I'm hearing several sources report that it's the best hip hop album to come out in the past 10 years. Here's the track "i" (those who know me know I can't resist an Isley Brothers sample):

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