What procurement can learn from Baroness Park of Monmouth

I mentioned Spend Matters latest Compass report, which covered how procurement can persuade stakeholders of the value of getting involved in complex services categories;  "Tips and Tactics for winning over business stakholders and spend owners"

Well, this may seem a bit of a non sequitur but I would urge you to read the obituary of a  remarkable woman who died last week; here are links to the Times and the Telegraph.   She was one of the UK's top spies basically, before becoming Principal of Somerville College Oxford , and at one stage had the best job title I've ever heard - "Controller, Western Hemisphere".

Don't we all want to be Controller, Western Hemisphere"?

She lived a remarkable life, but the story that really caught my eye was this in the Times. She spent much f her operational career in Africa, while revolutions and wars raged around her.  I guess she was not always perceived to be on the winning or the right side...as the Times explains

On another occasion she was beaten by a mob and thrown into a hole to be shot but managed to talk her captors around.

Now that is what you call influencing and persuading skills.  If you can still persuade people round to your point of view when you've been kicked around and thrown into a hole, literally or metaphorically, then let's face it, you've got what it takes!  Do read the obituaries; truly amazing.

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