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With two-thirds of our analysts on vacation, Thomas Kase is doing the bulk of the writing for the US site. This week, Thomas and Riskmethods’ Heiko Schwarz co-presented an Ask the Expert webinar titled Should you be worried about Ebola and your supply chain? Before the webinar took place on Thursday, Thomas wrote two PRO articles on Ebola and Riskmethods’ risk management solution:

Thomas also interviewed Amy Bermar, founder of Corporate Ink, on the best way to go about hiring a PR firm. Did you know that most PR firms get fired within a few years? Read Part 1 and Part 2.

And in M&A news: Beeline acquires OnForce, setting up a divergent talent philosophy to SAP, Fieldglass, and Ariba.

What makes Trade Extensions unique as a solution provider? Jason Busch explains the rationale behind including them on our 50 Providers to Know list.

Now, for a slightly different dance party:

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