What’s the Business Case for Spend Matters PRO – Practitioners

We wrote last week about our new PRO subscription service. So what’s the business case for you – if you’re a practitioner (i.e. you don’t work for a solution provider)?

Well, I know many of you are senior enough to decide yourself to spend less than £20 or 25 Euros ($30) a month of the organisation’s money. Or you may decide to fund it yourself... But if you do feel you need to get approval, here’s a suggestion for how you might pitch it. We thought it might be useful...! (We’ll have one for practitioners shortly).

Dear  Boss,

I would like to subscribe to the Spend Matters PRO subscription service, which will cost $300 a year (approximately £200 or €240). Spend Matters is the leading resource for insight, information, analysis concerning procurement and supply chain technology, best practice and related topics.

For that fee we will have subscriber access to daily content that provides valuable insight into procurement technology, latest economic issues and  procurement thinking.

We will also receive a monthly digest of news and information, a quarterly publications with more detailed analysis, particular around procurement related technology, and access to webinars with Jason Busch, generally considered the leading procurement technology analyst and commentator around today.

We have made a significant  investment in procurement and supply chain related technology in our organisation now, and we’re likely to be spending more in the months and years to come as technology gets more extensive and valuable for us. This subscription will help us get more out of that, for a very small annual cost. PRO will provide information, analysis that is likely to save us many thousands of pounds – for instance through;

  • suggested strategies for negotiating with solution providers, for example after an acquisition;
  •  insight on solutions, software, suppliers, upgrade approaches, short-lists for software selection,  etc;
  • advice on new tools and technology that will help us maintain and develop our own competitive advantage: and
  • going beyond technology, analysis on procurement best practice, strategy and process that again could help us achieve savings that would represent a huge multiple of the $300 cost.

That annual cost is also less than the cost of a single report from other technology analyst firms.

Assuming you are content, I will subscribe through our company credit card / my personal credit card and reclaim on expenses.



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