What’s happened to TradingPartners?

We had an unusual comment yesterday on the site -- which we didn't publish -- from a cafe in London claiming that TradingPartners, the eSourcing / auction firm had disappeared from their office in central London, owing them money for catering work. (The cafe's owner found our articles about TP online).

"No-one knows where they've gone", he said, and he is pursuing the (fairly small) debt through the courts.

I've tried to get hold of Richard Adams, the London based CEO of the firm, last night and today, with no success -- which can happen, of course. Yet their office telephone lines in London and Chicago appear to be out of action -- not a good sign (but potentially just an IT failure). I'm also now hearing rumours from other sources that there may be problems - but only rumours, I'd stress.

Anyone know anything? At this stage, we should not jump to conclusions - and keep an eye on Spend Matters US for more definitive information soon, we hope.

Latest Update: 18.33 today Press Release

Baker Tilly appointed administrators to Trading Partners

Go to www.spendmatters.com for the latest news on this development in the US.


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