Whats the best procurement job in the world?

The Times reports that the Cabinet Office list of committees recently published includes the Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine.  It is made up of 4 Masters of Wine (part time) and one civil servant (part-time); this is no over-manned quango!  They  are “responsible for providing advice on the maintenance of appropriate standards of wines for use at Government functions”

This got me thinking – what are the best and worst procurement jobs in the world?  Being chief wine buyer for a large supermarket or wine merchant would be high on my list, although there's a bit too much travel for me.  I would have loved to be an A&R man for a record label – that is sort of buying in the sense of identifying and signing up new bands; but I have known senior procurement people in two huge music companies and their jobs were pretty standard CPO roles – although with some interesting and challenging stakeholder management issues (what do you mean, I can't stay in that hotel / use that studio – I'm a star!)

I suspect my daughter would go for being Selfridges head of shoes buying.  I met the Head of Procurement at McLaren Cars a while ago – that would have its attraction for many Petrolheads (which I'm not).  Any other thoughts?

And as for worst procurement roles; I'll save that for the future, but I do have one great candidate for that honour.  Think Pedigree Chum.....!

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  1. David Smith:

    Remember once being involved in Whiskey buying for the Houses of Parliament! The evaluation process included a tasting session (with no shortage of volunteers) although unusually I declined as my professional judgement was very likely to be impaired. Buying hotel rooms was also a bit of fun! – Ha the good old days.

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