Where have all the (Supply Management) jobs gone?

The latest unemployment figures were somewhat confusing; the headline doesn't look too bad, down 33,000, but when you get into the details, things start looking less positive.

Very worryingly, the number of people out of work for over a year rose 61,000 to 687,000.  The number of people no longer seeking work has grown, and therefore the overall number in employment has declined by 54,000.  And the public sector continues to be the main engine for growth, with 7000 additional jobs through Sept- December 2009 (while the private sector declined by 61,000).   And we all know that can't continue.

Closer to home, I was struck by the thinness of the Supply Management jobs pages in this week's issue.  I don't know whether it is an Easter effect in part, but there are the grand total of just 5 organisations advertising.  Well done to Rolls-Royce; the only private sector organisation of the five.  So no signs there of booming times ahead for procurement people; although as I said here, my most recent discussions with recruitment firms seemed to be a little more positive.

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  1. Claire White:

    Supply Management is (1) to expensive (2) too public sector centric (3) poor response levels : Volume and quality (4) slower route to market than online adverts.

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