White Paper on the challenge for public procurement; and Amex seminar

I have written a White Paper, sponsored by American Express, looking at the challenges for public procurement given the current economic situation (and of course the Spending Review).  It looks at what public procurement needs to deliver, the risks if the wrong steps are taken, and what procurement can and should be doing to drive savings and value given that the resources for procurement itself are likely to be also under pressure.  "Doing more with less" sums it up.

The paper is available from Ben McKee at Amex [Ben.E.McKee@aexp.com] and I think through their website shortly.

Amex are also hosting a seminar next Tuesday, 26th October at 45 Millbank, running from 9.30 am till lunch (provided if you want to stay and network):  "Public Procurement – Rising to the Challenge of the Spending Review".

I am talking about the issues identified in the White Paper, but perhaps more interestingly, the keynote speaker is Nigel Smith, until recently Chief Executive of OGC.

There is no charge for the event; and there are just a few spaces still available.  If you are interested, please also email Ben at Ben.E.McKee@aexp.com including your name, organisation and job title please.  It should be interesting and, I suspect, quite lively with plenty of opportunity for debate.

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