Who is the cloud(iest) and the SaaS(iest)? Does it even matter?

I spent Tuesday at this year's IACCM America's Conference, where participants were urged to remember that hey, contracting and commercial management people are important too (seriously, much of the day was a lot about internal reflection upon life goals among other more job-related sessions about actual contract management). I even dusted off my ol' typing fingers and wrote up some posts on takeaways:

Guess what? Even SAP's employees don't know why they bought Concur.

Jason Busch wonders if supplier ecosystems are "the best big thing." He also says they're where "cooperation and competition meet."

Death to traditional catalogs! If you haven't signed up for next week's webinar that will cover next-generation requisitioner support, you can do so here.

We interviewed MBO Partners' Gene Zaino on "the rise of the independent worker." Here's Part 1 and Part 2.

Basware and Arrowgrass are going after the non-confirmed invoice market and we want to talk about it.

Finally, a question that all procurement people should ask themselves: Who is the Cloud(iest) and SaaS(iest) and...does it even matter?

Finally, will someone please go see Northern Soul this weekend for me and tell me everything about it?

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