Who’s Sourcing What and How In This Christmas Infographic

As you would expect at this time of year, the mainstream press have been running all sorts of Christmas news items reflecting the season's buying habits. The Times reported Supermarket food fights drive down cost of Christmas dinner saying "Cut-throat competition among supermarkets will bring festive cheer to millions with the cost of a traditional Christmas dinner likely to be lower than last year. The fight between traditional supermarkets and discount chains such as Aldi and Lidl has resulted in a 3 per cent fall in the cheapest Christmas dinner shopping basket."

The Independent  is telling us "A new north-south divide is brewing in the run-up to the yuletide season after it was revealed people in Scotland are more generous with Christmas gifts than Londoners ... Scots each spend around £268 on approximately 15 gifts for 11 people on average, compared to £206 for eight people per Londoner, a survey by eBay has said."

The Mail Online reported that Christmas shoppers were set to start present buying ... two MONTHS before the big day and the average Brit will buy 14 presents for loved ones, each around the cost of £24. It even pinpointed the fact that the busiest time to shop for presents would be 6.35pm, with research suggesting most people will head to the shops after work.

Christmas buying habit surveys abound and the newspapers are reporting extensively on them. With its MM4 technology (which helps procurement professionals to access, assimilate and act on market information), e-sourcing market specialist, Xchanging, decided to look at and illustrate the trends.

Along with the information reported in the press, Xchanging looked to its own customers to calculate some very interesting facts and figures about how they are sourcing for Christmas. It looked at savings, whether that be on Christmas crackers or artificial Christmas trees and managed spend on Christmas goods. It then produced this seasonal infographic:

Helping our customers GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS with MM4 TECHNOLOGY showing how they managed Christmas goods spending and what savings were delivered. It reveals some procurement Christmas trends like -- nearly half of UK shoppers start their Christmas shopping in October and 5% admit they would spend more on their pet than anyone else. Enjoy!



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