Working with stakeholders – some great ideas for procurement

How can procurement functions and people work better and more positively  with their internal stakeholders? How can we develop good relationships, be credible with and trusted by key people in our organisations?

Well, here are a few ideas.

1. Why not flirt constantly and indiscriminately with your key business colleagues? In these liberated days, it shouldn’t matter what anyone’s personal proclivities might be, and everyone enjoys a bit of harmless flirting, don’t they?  Let’s face it, everyone likes to be told they’re looking great, how cool their new haircut is, asked regularly about their hobbies and holidays, and just generally made to feel good about themselves by some pleasant attention for workmates.

2.  Buy them gifts. Your stakeholders will respect you much more if you remember their birthday (a nice bottle of wine or perfume perhaps) and of course Christmas is a real chance to show them how much you appreciate them and how much you love working together. No more than £50 per person though, we don’t want to embarrass them too much.

3.   Or there is an alternative approach – why not try physical intimidation? Now this will only work with certain colleagues, and depends on your own physique of course, but making it clear that next time they talk to a supplier without asking you along to the meeting, you will knock their teeth so far down their throats that.. well you get the idea. Surprisingly effective, we believe.

So, with these three ideas, you can make a real impact ….

Hang on, hang on! This blog has been hijacked!  I’m so sorry about that, please ignore those ridiculous and distasteful  suggestions. That’s clearly NOT how you can influence and work well with stakeholders. I’m so sorry about that.

Now, on the other hand, we have been thinking about what might really work. And next week, there’s a webinar to discuss that very issue. It’s next week, on  Thursday, June 12th at 11.30 am UK time, and the title is “5 ways procurement can work better with stakeholders.

We're featuring some of the key issues around how procurement relates to the rest of the organisation and picking up on themes from our recent briefing paper, “Centralise or Devolve Procurement – Why Not Both?” (which you can still download free here), We'll have some real and practical ideas around how procurement can work better with those internal stakeholders. No mention of flirting or physical violence, I guarantee.

You can register now for the webinar here – free of charge of course.


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First Voice

  1. b+t:

    What you need to do is analyse your stakeholders via a kraljic-esque quadrant thingy with axes ‘power’ vs ‘competence’

    Low power, low competence: Lead
    Low power, high competence: Support
    High power, low competence: Game
    High power, high competence: Follow

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