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The Xinhuanet website says that the People's Liberation Army of China have issued new regulations for its finance work, which aims to streamline its financial affairs and boost efficient use of money. President Hu Jintao, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, signed a decree to publish the rules which take effect on May 1.

With 11 chapters and 66 articles, the regulation specifies the obligations of the army's financial departments, operational mechanism, working procedures and discipline.

The regulation also requires cutting administrative costs by strictly controlling spending on conferences, training, receptions, business travels, government procurement and office equipment maintenance, among others.

It says that "all economic activities of the army should be put under supervision." Sound very much like some of the measures (demand management controls etc.) put in place by the UK Cabinet Office.

But can can you imagine being Category Manager (Uniforms) for the Chinese Army?


Is this the beginning of the end for 'free' which we wrote about recently?  Sweden-based Spotify announced that they are restricting free use of their music streaming service. Listeners will only be allowed 10 hours a month after an initial 6 month period, and 5 listens to any individual track. Clearly the funding by advertising isn't a sustainable business model so they want to move more people to the paid services. I moved a while ago to the more basic of those, which means you lose the ads, and it's well worth a fiver a month from my point of view.


The Gleaner reports that the Jamaican Government has received a grant of $79.6 million for a 'state of the art' E-Procurement system.

...the IDB, in disbursing the grant, had identified the strengthening of public financial and performance management as one of the key pillars to ensure that the public resources are equitably and efficiently used.

Seemed like a lot of money but - as I have just learnt - there are 80 Jamaican dollars to the US dollar, so we're talking about $1 million.   Let's hope that's enough to buy a system, train all the users, onboard the suppliers,  manage the catalogues.....


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  1. David Atkinson:

    Re. Spotify; I moved to its Premium service six months ago. No ads, CD quality sound, and I’m able to access my music on my iPhone anywhere (overseas, in the car, etc.).

    Consequently iTunes has been retired. 🙂

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