WOW. Ships!! We love this…

Sometimes, even after you think you've got blase about the Internet and what it can do, you see something that makes you go "WOW".

This is one of those somethings.

Ships. Every ship in the world over a certain tonnage - and smaller ones that register. Where they are, where they're going, and lots of other stuff.

So if you want to know which ships are currently sailing in and out of Rotterdam, or approaching the Panama Canal...  it's all available instantly.  Here's a bit more background from the website,

This web site is part of an academic, open, community-based project. It is dedicated in collecting and presenting data which are exploited in research areas.....

The system is based on AIS (Automatic Identification System). As from December 2004, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all vessels over 299GT to carry an AIS transponder on board, which transmits their position, speed and course, among some other static information, such as vessel’s name, dimensions and voyage details.

I'm sure its got lots of serious supply chain implications and potential applicability, but for the moment, let's just go back to our initial comment.


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  1. Phoenix:

    Presumably you’ve seen this, the same thing but for planes…

    Wow 2.0

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