The Wrath of Maude – two suppliers already on the “procurement high-risk” list

We wrote last week about the letter Francis Maude sent to all Cabinet Ministers explaining the process for identifying “high-risk” suppliers and keeping an eye on them where they are still involved in procurement processes.

Francis Maude prepares to deliver the Wrath

It’s generally being termed the “naughty step” by the procurement community.  A somewhat juvenile term, we feel... I prefer to look on it as “the Wrath of Maude”, as that has a rather satisfying ring to it. In fact, I feel a screenplay emerging from the dark recesses of my mind... Coming to a cinema near you in early 2015 (or perhaps straight to DVD) ....

 - You know, my friend, I too have been subject to the Wrath of Maude.

- And how is it that you still live to tell the tale, uncle?

- That is a long story, and not one for innocent ears. But one cold night, after we have trekked far across the Whitehall plains and over the snow-capped Tothill mountains, as we feast around the campfire on Strutton Ground,  I will tell you a tale of Maude that will chill your blood, despite the warmth of the ale...”

(Sorry, too much Tolkien at an early age I think).

Anyway, we speculated that G4S would shortly be a victim to this new policy. But we now hear that two firms have already suffered The Wrath. Who could they be? Our sources won’t confirm that. So, perhaps we should try a crowdsourcing experiment - who do YOU think has been identified as “high-risk”?

Could it be a certain US based IT firm who were involved in a huge and very high profile project that hasn’t exactly delivered what was expected? Another IT services provider who lost a major contract before they even started fully delivering it to a very major Department? A welfare to work provider where fraud has hit the headlines rather regularly of late? Yet another IT provider who lost “control” of a pretty flammable project?

Place your bets here ladies and gentlemen. Who do you think it is?

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  1. Carm Cachia:


  2. David Orr:

    Does it begin with an I and end with an M?

    1. Peter Smith:

      Both are IT suppliers I now understand – not G4S or A4E – one very much mas expected, the other a slightly less obvious contender.

  3. Sam Unkim:

    Could Francis share UKBA’s new “allegations database” and save a few bob ?

    Must be similar drop box choices…………

  4. Final Furlong:

    Peter, I’m torn…..torn between creating a list of suppliers to Central Government that could, potentially, be selected for blacklisting by Minister Maude, and creating a top 40 album list that, potentially, could be selected by Sales Directors (thinking about a recent Tweet from a Sales Director who criticised our top 40 selection…).

    Both would be very predictable, methinks. I’m thinking that ‘one-hit-wonders’, ‘talentless’, ‘out-of-tune’, ‘overrated’, ‘content-free’ would be some of the factors common to both…

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