Xchanging announce procurement outsourcing deal

I posted here a few weeks ago concerning my degree of scepticism around procurement outsourcing.  As usual, my ability to predict the future has been proved absolutely spot on, as barley a day has gone by without a new announcement of an outsourcing deal!

I mentioned also in that post my disappointment with the Xchanging shares I'd purchased; the company has clearly been stung into action by my words, and has announced two new deals since then, the latest a £375 million deal with CHEP (the pallet people). Here is Supply Management's report.

Joking aside, perhaps a range of factors are now coming together that will make procurement outsourcing a more attractive option?   I'm beginning to think that might be particularly true in the public sector.  I'll post on that over th next couple of weeks; it is slightly contentious stuff so need to get my thoughts in good order!

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