Exclusive! Procurement Jobs to be advertised – your Ministry of Defence needs YOU!

We haven’t seen many senior UK public sector procurement roles advertised since the election in 2010 as the focus has generally been on reduction in staff numbers. But we’re about to see that change, with recruitment to fill some very senior procurement roles in the Ministry of Defence. The Sunday Times is likely to be the first vehicle for the advertising this weekend.

There are a whole batch of Senior Civil Service 1 roles (“one-star” in military parlance) in the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation, including several as the procurement lead for “domains” (ships, helicopters etc). Each of these tends to have something around the £1 billion annual procurement responsibility. There are some more general project roles, and a couple within the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

Then there is a huge SCS2 role. That’s a very exalted level where generally the CPOs of the larger Whitehall Departments sit. This role will manage the 9 or 10 domain leads in DE&S (see above), and will be responsible for something like £12 Billion annually of procurement spend, making it one of the largest procurement roles in Europe. It reports into Les Mosco, even though he too is an SCS2 - Mosco is effectively the CPO for all of MOD, including wider commercial matters beyond DE&S.

We understand that some of the roles have incumbents who are working under the wonderful civil service “temporary promotion” designation. So some of the jobs may be filled by internal applicants. But other positions are replacing retirees or are new, so there are genuine opportunities here for external candidates, including for the SCS2 role which is effectively a new position.

We’ll have more next week when we’ve had a look at the roles in more detail. But if life in one of the very largest, most interesting and challenging procurement functions in the world sounds interesting.. keep an eye on the Sunday Times!

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  1. Graham H:

    Good to see the recruitment barriers have finally been lifted! Here’s hoping that the Department will be allowed to fill the numerous vacancies below SCS now as well.

    @Christine – MOD like most Departments use a number of channels for recruitment (National Press and WWW) – see http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/recruitment

    @Dan – “challenging” = YES; “dysfunctional” = Yes in some areas….but it’s always interesting and highly rewarding!

  2. Dan:


    Thats a good word. very diplomatic. The word I would have chosen is “dysfunctional”

  3. Christine Morton:

    Why are they using newspapers to advertise? Seems so outdated.

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